Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Love Both Jesus and Muhammad


I recently received an email from my friend asking opinion about a comparative list between Jesus and Muhammad. The email concluded that there is no comparison between Jesus and Muhammad. Muhammad falls so far short, that he cannot be held on any level remotely close to Jesus. Muhammad is clearly inferior to Christ.

The whole thing could not be responded in a simple manner because the list can endlessly continue. But let the sender ask himself, what is the purpose of highlighting the list?

When we discuss about Jesus – peace be upon him – and Muhammad – peace be upon him -, the intention is the first and foremost.

Me myself, I learn about Muhammad and his religion for me to clarify my own purpose of life, why God created me, why I am here, where am I heading to after this worldly transit? I found my answer best through the teaching of Muhammad. I learn about religion to answer my own Questions, and not to question others!

As a historian, I believe that Muhammad was the only prophet that was born under the light of history. Every single thing about him, I can identify the source and even the source can be evaluated scientifically for the authentication. But the case was not with all other Prophets including Jesus Christ.

Can the existence of Jesus Christ be proven historically and scientifically? Maybe yes, but it would not be an easy task. As far as the history concern, this was the major issue why the scholars of the Enlightenment rejected Christianity because empirical studies could not find solution in proving the existence of Jesus himself. In 325CE the Bishops gathered in Nicaea to decide if Jesus was a son of God or a man. It was that crucial if history involves.

But as a Muslim, the Quran was the source for me to know and believe in Jesus. Al-Quran helped me to believe in him. It was even a part of my faith. I cannot be a Muslim without believing in Jesus Christ. Jesus was better explained in the Quran, at least for my own level of understanding.

So, if the sender believe that his idea about Christianity gave him satisfaction in finding the absolute truth, then let him be with his Christianity. Islam stands with its own strength and Christianity should be confident with what it has. There is no need to prove who is better than who, if the intention is to find what is good for us in this temporary life.

All the claims made by the list can be answered by reading more about Muhammad. Keep aside the pre-conceived idea he had about him, and be open to read properly. I would not suggesting him to read any book written by Muslims, but why not spend sometime reading books about Muhammad written by someone like Karen Armstrong in her book “Muhammad: A Biography of The Prophet“.

I found peace and had full of tranquility by believing and loving both Jesus and Muhammad and I cannot do anything to help someone who find peace in hating any of these great men.

God knows the best.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Selamat Hari Lahir " Jesus "

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih dan Maha penyayang.

“(Ingatlah) ketika malaikat berkata: “Wahai Maryam! Bahawasanya Allah memberikan khabar yang menggembirakanmu, dengan (mengurniakan seorang anak yang engkau akan kandungkan semata-mata dengan) kalimah daripada Allah, nama anak itu: Al-Masih, Isa Ibni Maryam, seorang yang terkemuka di Dunia dan di Akhirat, dan ia juga dari orang-orang yang didampingkan (diberi kemuliaan di sisi Allah). Dan ia akan berkata-kata kepada orang ramai semasa ia masih kecil dalam buaian, dan semasa ia dewasa, dan ia adalah daripada orang-orang yang soleh.” [Aal 'Imraan 3: 45-46]

Kepada semua umat islam dan umat kristian,selamat menyambut hari kelahiran nabi Al-Masih, Isa Ibni Maryam(untuk muslim) atau selamat memperingati hari kelahiran (jesus) yang sangat kita cintai.

Jadikanlah hari memperingati Jesus esok sebagai hari yang penuh makna dengan bersyukur kepada tuhan yang telah memberi kita nikmat yang tidak mampu dikira .

"Jangan pernah lelah berusaha mengenal tuhan.Berjalanlan menuju kepada kebenaran dan kebaikan yang dikehendaki tuhan ".

Semoga kita menghayati pengorbanan para nabi, dan semua perjuang agama Allah di sepanjang zaman.

" we love u , Al-Masih Isa Ibni Maryam(Jesus) "