Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Debaran Cinta......Terima kasih Ambil peduli sahabatku

Allah azzawajala give me this test,
and i belive he know what best for me,
i just want to share,

i share this problem with some of my ikhwah,
and i thing it not false if i want you know,
and get moral value from it.

i not blame My god,Allah
i not blame my father,
i not blame my ummi,
i not blame my 2nd ummi,
i not blame other member of my family,
because i know,every one try fix the situation.

my father,tahjud every day,read Quran regularly,try fix situation every day
my ummi,also make lot of ibadah every day,try gain love back,but still ...cannot.

matter of love is someting dificult to understand,
please appreciate love,when it want to fly,try grab it faster,
because when it go,
you would not know how gain it back.
hope that not true.

i Belive Allah,he give love,he make love lost,and he can make it come back.
please give me some doa(wish) that they will unite.

I just want to make little more effort and must have way...

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