Sunday, February 22, 2009

whos me?uknown Muslim

i m somebody from Malaysia,


born at 1985.that mean no connected with why i selected number 1948?

reason is, i must become true muslim .

year in 1948 is most important icon of difficult fighter for my brother and sister in Palestine.
the year where , Israel officially enter Palestine and massacre muslim in there ..

something cannot be understand...
we live in 20th century with technology and better civilization....
but massacre still happen in Palestine until now..........
without hide, mercy and unstoppable.

1948 is year where big nakba(world terror) in 21 century begin....and until now with unknown reason why Israel attack Palestine?did they human?did they have feeling of nature love with human being?.Why must massacre other race to conquer?WHY???
now no time ask why,l must do something.As muslim,i cannot just keep asking why?,while my brother and sister over there die.

Did i Muslim?

yes i m Muslim....that why i decide to .... become true Muslim.Cannot just see other muslim die .

If god give me chance with good faith ,

I WILL go palestine.

thay why i must become true muslim.

God.Please forgive me for unable to help my brother there and make me... day by day more stronger to support my brother and sister in Palestine..

Palestine , symbol of week fighter physically ....But strongest believes and optimist for their god help... the day of victory will come....

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